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Goodbye by Lionel Ritchie
Very soulful ballad.

Times of your life by Paul Anka
Slow 70’s ballad.

Farewell to the Old Me by Dar Williams
Farewell ballad about leaving the past behind and becoming a different person.

All Things Must Pass by The Beatles
If you like Blackbird, you'll like this...

A Summer Song by Chad and Jeremy
Nostalgia without being over-sentimental.

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Goodbye by Lionel Ritchie

This is a classic ballad from the legendary Lionel Ritchie.

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Times of Your Life by Paul Anka

This is a very slow nostalgic ballad from the 70's, about when "you wake up and time has slipped away". Nostalgic, rather than sentimental.

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Farewell To The Old Me by Dar Williams

Slow melancholy-sweet ballad, about moving forward and making changes in your life and yourself:
"So farewell to the old me,
Farewell to the old me,
My life is working better now,
It's always changing anyhow..."

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All Things Must Pass - The Beatles

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A Summer song by Chad and Jeremy

This song is nostalgic without being sentimental - a good song for feeling more philosophical, remembering good times for what they are - memories that make us happy to think of them, bringing love and laughter from the past into our present thoughts. All good things must end some day.  Autumn leaves must fall.


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