Examples of Farewell Letter
Leaving Town

personal farewell letter

Leaving town?  You must be tying up a bunch of loose ends such as organising relocation, new job and notifying utilities to cancel your account - don't forget the people you are leaving behind.

Use the following goodbye letters to say how much everyone mattered to you. These farewell letter examples are each focussed on the good memories of the past, and being positive about the future.  

Touching farewell letter 1

Dear mates,

It's been almost 8 years now that I have lived here. And 8 years ago, I had just come from the cold weather of Canada to the tropics of Derby, and had brought a jumper with me on the plane…well, I never wore that jumper again.

The first feeling while descending the stairs off the plane was apprehension with a question hanging on top of my head “WTF did you come for?” I can remember it very clearly, even now.
I remember first having a drink at the ABC at the club. My first impressions were, well this’ll do for now, and that I was going to just do a couple months to finish the contract and I’d be on my way.

Then the adventure officially started. I can't thank XYZ enough for his invaluable help during that settling in time at the flats. Thanks again mate!
The apartment was very basic - those who have stayed there know what I'm talking about. There were grasshoppers everywhere... Oh my god! I tried to get rid of them with lots of innovative engineered (!) ways but never managed to do it.

And that afternoon, XYZ took me to his place for an afternoon bbq to meet up the others. And I met B and D. They also came almost the same day from XYZ and it was a huge relief for me to see another new starter just like me. So, XYZ has become my best friend in the town in 2 minutes..!

As time went by, after Anne had arrived, we realized actually we had something here very precious which you may not find in other places. Friends!
Despite the fact of being virtually in the middle of nowhere, having you guys as friends in the same town has turned all our first impressions and feelings about the town upside down. We had to go through some dire times of our lives in this town and I’m sure it would have been much much harder to go through them if we hadn’t had your wonderful support and friendship.
You all deserve huge thanks from me and XYZ.

Now, why am I writing all these sentimental memories? Because, the news is, we are heading back to Canada in December, so this is a farewell letter!

For the time being, we don’t know when we will come back - for now, we don’t have much of a plan. The only plan we have is: we will have a few weeks holiday in Hong Kong on the way back to Cananda and I’ll start working for FGH. Then, I’ll let you know of the contact details, phone numbers, address, etc.

Please keep in touch and make your way to come and visit us in Canada, and stay with us at our home. We won’t charge for the accommodation, but can’t promise for the food :) (just kidding… all free…). We would be very very happy to see you all at our home in Canada. Just drop us an email, a call or anything to let us know that you’re around… You can use this hotmail address to contact us.

Take care, talk to you soon, certainly before we take off.

John and Anne

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Heartfelt goodbye letter 2

Dear friends,

After six years of living here, six years of fun, six years of genuine friendships in a supportive community, I am leaving for a new job interstate.

I not only want to say thank you, which does not cover the depth of my gratitude for knowing all of you, but that I became a better human through knowing you.  I learnt so much about different people with different backgrounds, about respecting different opinions and even that opinions don't matter anyway, I learnt about just diving in and having a go.  I leave a better person from when I arrived, so thank you, thank you, thank you.  I know that whatever awaits in [next town], I will handle with the grace, respect and hard work I learned from you.

I also appreciate the opportunity I had to volunteer with Wildlife Watch.  The experiences and skills I gained through volunteering for really helped me set roots down here, which are painful to uproot.  To see the sunsets and rises, explore the bush, work with animals in a collaboration with other passionate volunteers, in a town that supported the organisation, has made this place part of my blood.  

I know I will be back.

My new place is at [address], please drop by anytime, you are all so so welcome.

[Name], going fishing on Saturdays was like sharing paradise with someone who could vouch that we actually did that.  You helped me get some man-time when I was in danger of losing my Y-chromosome.

[Name], I did try to make doughnuts like you.  You were so generous with your recipes, but I now just admit that you have the touch and I can only be in awe :)

[Name], thank you for the cups of tea on the verandah.  Some of the best times are just chilling out and being in good company, and just being myself.

For [name], who has moved in recently to town, I wish you many years of happiness in your new town just I had while I was here.  You must have good karma!

I wish everyone the best of luck and good fortune to the town,