Sample Farewell Letters
- From the Boss

goodbye work!

A farewell letter is one of the last ways you can represent yourself well. The position of a manager means that as a leader, you are striving to inspire and get the best out of your people, even up to the last day.  

Suggestions for your goodbye letter to staff include

  • your appreciation for everyone's support and hard work in making you look good, 
  • what you will be doing next, just so as to avoid constant questions about it all day, by everyone, everywhere you go 
  • the achievements of your department to inspire everyone to continue the great work, or at least continue doing better. 
  • If there is somebody stepping up into your now-"old" role, encourage the team to accept, respect and support this person to learn their new role.

Use the following real-life goodbye letters for work to help craft your final message.  They differ by the time they are sent - the first one is for a last day at the company, the second is a farewell-with-2-weeks-notice-and-introducing-the-new-boss-to-divert-attention-from-the-leaver.  In the latter case, the last day's message would  just be a short goodbye email or even just the out-of-office automatic email for someone who clearly doesn't like fanfare.

Last Day goodbye message

To all Colleagues, Staff and Friends,

As those close to me know, I am not good with goodbyes so I do apologize to those who feel offended that I have left having written only this letter, without personally shaking their hand and exchanging best wishes.

I have so many people to thank for their support and dedication that it is impossible to personally get to see you all with the short time that was available.

I truly am humbled to have worked with such a group of "get in and get it happening people" and I am so proud of the achievements that you have accomplished both in the operation and (for quite a lot of you) for your own personal accomplishments.

To the company and the team, the efforts and contributions have been outstanding. I have learnt so much from you and now possess a greater understanding of the difficulties that a work environment such as yours encounters every day.
To those of you that I had the opportunity to coach and or set goals for, I commend each of you for your achievements and hope that you continue to succeed through life journeys.

I could go on listing people and groups but in the end the message would still be: I have truly enjoyed my time here and have been well supported with the work and outcomes we have achieved.

I leave this place with great confidence in the people here, knowing that they are capable of overcoming any hurdles that will come up, singularly, and more importantly, together.
We have managed to assemble a very competent and practical group that provide excellent support to the management team. This provides me with a sense of pride and gratitude that is indescribable.

I am heading to a new company to take on a managerial role starting next week.
This will keep me off the streets for a while and provide plenty of challenges that I need.

I can be contacted if required on my mobile.
I wish you all a Healthy, Safe and Prosperous Year.

Thanks, regards and best wishes,

John Whatsmyname

Click for suggestions on how to say thank you to your team.  

No doubt they will miss you.

Pre-farewell letter

Dear [Company] family,

I've recently been offered the opportunity to move into a senior manager role with [company] which I officially accepted today, and will begin in [month and year]. I am very excited and look forward to starting this next phase in my career.

As some of you may be aware, I set up this department in [year] and have managed it for over X years now. During this time I have had the pleasure and privilege of achieving new targets, mentoring talented people, and developed the Creative Arts program. A lot of young people in that program I have been lucky to see grow into accomplished businesspeople, artists and social leaders in thought.

I feel I am extremely lucky to have worked for such a long period of time here. This company that has been my home and although I will miss it dearly I will not be too far away as I continue working for within the industry and may cross paths with you all in the future.

My last day at the centre will be [date].  It will be a very sad day  but I leave knowing that I have built a great department with great staff that will continue to provide the best service to the company and to this city.

A warm thank you to all the staff past and present that have supported and continue to support this department, the company  and myself. It has been a honor getting to know you all and I am going to miss coming here on a daily basis.

As for the appointment of a this role, I am very pleased to announce that [replacement's name] has accepted the position as [role].  [Replacement's name] has X years of experience as [roles] within the X and Y industries, [more explanation of qualification for the role].  [Replacement's name] has lived in this city for X years and is looking forward to meeting staff and getting to know the company and its procedures.

[Replacement's name] will start here on the [date] and work alongside myself for 2 weeks participating in a handover process.  I hope you will all join me in welcoming [replacement name] to  [company]!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak with myself.

Kind Regards

Jane Whatsmyname

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generous, thoughtful boss that you are.

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