Retirement Poems

The following retirement poems were conceived by poet in residence Vikram K. Sundaram.

Enjoy his thoughts!


Life after retiring
is the first sip of an aged wine
that slept in a barrel but never complained,
that never forgot the knowledge it gained
to become an elixir that tastes so divine,
a drink you can keep on admiring.

Time after retiring
is the sharp and the dull photos of the past,
a wordless tome that tells the story
of a heart that burned in whitening glory,
and though you knew it couldn’t last
the sparks have kept on firing.

Days after retiring
are Suns that reveal the stars, the moon,
the lanterns, the fireflies, all of the lights
that always stay on in the darkening nights.
And with the evening's slow lulling tune,
Is a wisdom that's ever inspiring.

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Retirement Haiku

I. Pastime

A leaf falls---the branch
broke when grandpa went to bat
and hit a home run!

II. Trout

Old man hunched over,
waiting for just one more fish---
the sun is rising.

III. Chess Master

She plays out her life---
a queen, carved of red chestnut,
placed on the back row.

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