Wording for
Farewell Party Invitations
and their RSVPS

Celebrating a goodbye? Now what will you write for the farewell party invitations?!

Just scroll down for the examples below, and some RSVP (short for the French Respondez S'il Vous Plait meaning Please Respond) responses below that.

Make sure you give formal invitations plenty of time ahead, about a month or more, so that you give guests time to RSVP and yourself time to arrange all the dining places, furniture, and catering to accomodate the numbers.  

Less formal affairs may not require so much time, it is up to you as the organiser to give yourself the time you'll need, just so you don't stress yourself out :)  Be kind to the kind person that is going to all the effort of putting it all together!

Note that in the examples below, any notes in [square brackets] are just for your own understanding or options and not to be included in the invitation.

Farewell Party Invitation Words

Graduation example:
[School name] wishes to extend to you the pleasure of a final evening as Seniors.You have all contributed so much to the school and no doubt you will do the same for the wider community in your new roles as adults.
Congratulations, we hope you will share with us the celebration of your new beginning!!

Dress code:
RSVP: [date to accept/decline by]

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Are you in a hurry?

Just want to fill in the party details without any special wording?

Start off with a 'WOW moment' before the party with these

Farewell Party Invitations Templates

housecooling invitation

Workplace going away party invitation:
Colleagues and valued clients,
[Leaver's name] is leaving [Company name] after [X] years of dedicated service.

Please join us on [date] in expressing best wishes for the future.

There will be cocktails at [place] at [time] then dinner at 8pm.
Dress code is smart casual.
Please advise before [RSVP date] if you are coming.

Thank you.

Work Guest Of Honour example:
Dear [Leaver's name],
A farewell night on Friday is being held in your honour, to thank you for your long commitment to this company. Dinner is organised at [place] at [time].
Your partner knows and you can’t back out of it.
Your colleagues who admire and respect you are looking forward to expressing their best wishes.

See you there,
[Organiser's name] on behalf of [Company name]

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Looking for some images to add to the invitation?  

Get some advice about farewell pictures and animated images:

where to find them or where to make them.

Formal farewell party invite:

"An evening with [Leaver's name]."

A soiree at Fauntleroy House

[Leaver's name] will be performing [her/his] latest works

- a repertoire that includes [A, B and C] -
accompanied by the accomplished [musician's name].

This is your last chance to see [Leaver's name] 
before [s/he] leaves to attend the [place] in [country]

RSVP: [date to accept/decline by]

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festive invitation

Informal farewell invitation:
[Leaver's name] is leaving! Come and say goodbye at a paella night at my place [address], [day and time].

Paella and pinata are provided, but it would be appreciated if you could bring a plate of nibblies to contribute. BYO alcohol.

It would mean a lot to her if you come and express your best wishes. Let me know before Friday if you can make it.

[Organiser's Name]

Planning a farewell morning tea at work:

[Leaver's name] is leaving us for X Company!  We are having a "Bye Mom" theme so please bring your slippers on Friday to wear during morning tea.  

Email me if you have comfy, clean blankets and cushions for decorating the tea-room.  

I'll be baking cake and muffins, any volunteers for home-cooked snacks?

See you at 10:30 Friday,

[Organiser's Name]

Very Casual example:
Hey there,
I'm sad that you're leaving, but it's nothing I can change.
Meet me at 5:30pm for sunset drinks on the roof, like old times.
I'll be wearing a green deckchair.
XXXXXXes for now, hugging you later,
[Organiser's Name]

Invitation by SMS text:

Farewell party for [Leaver's name] at [place], [date][time].  Reply by [date] if coming or not.

[Note: Casual dress is assumed in this farewell party invitation because the mode of inviting, by text, is so casual.  If there is a dress code, include it in the SMS.]

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Now live up to the buzz you've started with these

Creative Farewell Party Themes

Responding to the Invitation (RSVP)

Declining a formal event:

Dear [Organiser's name],

Thank you so much for your kind invitation.

Unfortunately I cannot attend due to [brief reason].  I will let [person leaving] know that I wish them all the best [or, "please pass along my best wishes"].

Warm regards,


Accepting a formal event:

Dear [Organiser's name]

Thank you so much for your kind invitation.  I look forward to attending and wishing [person leaving] best wishes for the future.

Warm regards,


Declining an informal event:

Dear [Organiser's name],

I'm so sorry I can't attend due to [brief reason].  I will let [person leaving] know that I wish them all the best [or, "please pass along my best wishes].  

[Optional:] In the meantime, is there anything I can do to help you otherwise?



Accepting an informal event:

Dear [Organiser's name]

That sounds great!  I'll be there.   I don't have blankets or cushions for decorating but can make a casserole for the morning tea.  

[Optional:] Is there anything else you need? [Best to suggest what you actually can help with:] I can help decorate the  tea-room on the day.



Cancelling a farewell party invitation that you had accepted:

Dear [Organiser's name],

I am so sorry to let you know that I am not able to attend the party - [brief reason e.g. family emergency, health issue] has suddenly come up and needs my attention at this time.

Please let me know if I can reimburse you for the inconvenience [due to tickets booked, catering paid for etc].

I was very much looking forward to attending.

May I ask that you forward my apologies to [person leaving] and wish them well on my behalf.



What will you write in the goodbye card?