How To Say A Last Goodbye
To Your Childhood Home

There may come a time when we have to say a last goodbye to the childhood home.

When the home is sold up and the family must move on, the emotions of sad goodbyes are very poignant, as growing up there was a time of safety, protection and being carefree.

You would have a lot of wonderful childhood memories that are 'stored' there.

What you need to do is conduct a little farewell ceremony that will both connect you and help you move on from the house.

For example, if there is a big tree outside, carve something lovely into it - that way if you ever come back, you can find it without going into the property occupied by someone else.

Hopefully the tree will still be there.

When you carve, say a few words of goodbye. You'll feel sad, but much better when you're done.

Otherwise, take a seed from the tree and grow it in your own yard, and you are taking a little piece of the old house with you.

Have a special goodbye party.

Click here for ideas.

Another alternative is to have a ritual where you give your own blessing for the house.

Say to the universe your hopes that future children in the house will have as happy a childhood as you did. You can stand in the front yard holding hands with your parents while you say a few words. This is an indirect way of telling your parents that you love them, and that they did well by giving you the best childhood they could.

This is the next step in life, letting go of all that was happy and safe and protected, now that you are an adult in the wide uncertain world.

In fact, consider that you might be transferring feelings of sadness that your parents getting older, onto the house...

So tell them how much you love them,
while you can.

Other ideas to say goodbye:

  • Make a blessing or welcome tile or mat and add it to the house
  • Take a photo of the house, and a piece of brick or house item and put them in a keepsake box.
  • Write a blessing or signature on a wall and paint over it
  • Have a house-cooling sunset party with the neighbours

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