Samples of Sad Goodbye Poem

writing a sad goodbye poem

A sad goodbye poem can be difficult because you want to express how much that person means to you, and how much you will miss them.
The fact that poems are very structured can help you with the form of your expression, but what words do you use?

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Haiku Goodbye (sad poems)

Winter silence
Your bandanna on the porch
Flutters and waves

Cold moon lowers
Echoed chat and laughter
Fades into day

Farewell Poem to a daughter graduating

Many rewarding years ago,
My daughter once let me know,
That she would one day have to go,
Somewhere we could not follow.

For a traveller through this crazy world,
Life is a risk, one can be fooled,
Intelligence is not enough,
To learn from life, you do it tough.

But she will gamble fearlessly,
And throw herself to her destiny
And we who love her get to see
She'll be the person she's meant to be.

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